Actively Engaged Democracy is a comprehensive online network designed to give voters a voice that is more powerful than the corporate money that has corrupted our democracy.  This efficient integrated platform will promote and encourage citizens to get involved in their communities through open, honest debate and building relationships both online and offline.

Goals, highlights, and benefits of AEDemocracy
  • Dramatically increase communication within organizations and with allied groups, especially those with vertical structures
  • Provide continuity from one election cycle to the next preventing the ‘starting from scratch’ scenario every year
  • Makes activating volunteers at the precinct level immensely easier
  • Creates an environment that keeps voters continually engaged, not simply during Presidential or MidTerm Election years
  • Effective online organizing tools designed to encourage people to go offline and become involved in their communities
  • Eliminate the need for multiple organizing and activism tools as AEDemocracy will continually reinvest to add new features
  • Reduce the barriers for entry to the political arena for candidates without significant means