Coming Soon!

Planned Updates to the Actively Engaged Democracy!

What Will I See When AEDemocracy Launches?
The initial phase of the project is scheduled for release soon with additional stages of development being released as funding allows us to build them.  This first stage of development will offer free websites to candidates, grassroots organizations, local political parties, issue advocacy groups, etc. from the national level down to each individual precinct.  In other words, community organizers will have their own website and tools to engage voters in their community.  It will include features such as the ability to add events that are easily shared amongst organizations with a single click. There will also be the ability to add news articles and other information about the organization.

Federated (Vertical) Structure:
  • Federal (including Senate & Congressional Districts)
  • States (including State Senate & House Districts)
  • Counties (including Municipalities & Precincts)
  • School Districts
The initial release will include all Federal and State level sites across the entire country.  It will also include each state's counties and most municipalities.  Only Pennsylvania will feature every precinct in the entire state with precincts in additional states being added as quickly as possible.  Future phases of development will include the ability to create customized grouping of political areas.
If you notice that your municipality or precinct is missing (or contains incorrect information), please provide us with updated information (info@AEDem.US).